Stilt fishing experience

Half day

USD 12/- per person

When you’re balanced on stilt above the ocean fishing can be quite an exhilarating experience! Today you will join the local fishermen in the daily task of perching themselves on top of stilts in the shallow waters and trying to catch their daily meal. You can choose to fish during sunset, noon, or sunrise. Take your elevated position and balance about 2 meters above the water. You will see a vertical pole engrafted into the seabed, attached to it is a cross bar, called Petta, on which the fishermen do the balancing act. So with one hand, you hold the stilt and on the other hand, you have a fishing rod or a line to catch spotted herrings and small mackerels, which are then kept in a plastic bag tied around your waist or the pole.

Afterward accompany them to the fish market, purchase all the ingredients you need for you meal, including a fish if you haven’t caught one, and learn how to grill up a tasty fish – Sri Lankan style!